Mozilla recently launched version 21 of Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux. The updated browser brings a number of new features including support for Mozilla's Social API which allows social providers to integrate directly with the browser and display select content on the sidebar or toolbar.

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The Social API first debuted late last year with Facebook Messenger. It's designed to help users stay connected to social networks no matter where they go on the web. Mozilla said it has endless potential outside of social networks as well including integration of e-mail, finance, music, cloud possibilities, services, to-do lists, sports and news. Cliqz, Mixi and msnNOW are among the latest to sign up.

In related news, the Android version of Firefox also received the update which delivers support for two new open source fonts, Open Sans and Charis. These new fonts will replace three default Android fonts and is said to offer a more visually appealing and cleaner reading experience on the Internet. Mozilla pointed out that the difference is subtle yet beautiful.

Other new Firefox for Android features include the ability to capture media files by long pressing. What's more, users can now access recent browsing history using the back and forward buttons. We are told there are also some new HTML5 features on tap.