An anonymous bidder has paid more than $600,000 to have coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The opportunity, which will take place at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, comes as part of a charity auction hosted by Charity Buzz.

The winning bid came just minutes before the auction closed at 4 pm ET on Wednesday. In total, 86 bids were placed for the opportunity with a majority of them coming from companies that already do business with Apple or those that are hopeful of securing business ties with Cupertino.

The anonymous winner is allowed to bring along one guest, we're told. Furthermore, they are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement and cannot tweet or liveblog during the meeting. The winning bidder and their guest will also be subject to a security screening.

Interestingly enough, the site valued the meeting at just $50,000 - they were just a bit off with that estimate. That's a very good thing, however, as proceeds from the auction will benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. The winner is responsible for paying for their own travel and lodging accommodations which, after shelling out $610,000 for the meeting, is just a drop in the bucket at this point.

One might think that 600k is an astronomical amount of money to pay for a brief meeting but in the business world, it's actually a pretty solid deal. Just last year, someone paid $3.4 million to have lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett.