If industry analysts are correct, wearable technology will be a massive industry in just a few short years. In fact, by 2015, the industry is forecasted to hit $1.5 billion according to at least one researcher. Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are all working on various types of wearable gadgets but now we can add another big-name player to that list: Acer.

ST Liew, president of the smartphone business group at Acer, recently told Pocket-lint that Acer is looking at wearables and that every consumer company should be doing the same. He noted that wearable isn't new but it hasn't yet exploded in the way it should. The opportunity for billions of dollars worth of industry is there, Liew said.

So what's the big holdup in getting wearable technology to take off? It all comes down to consumer appeal, the Acer executive believes, as the technology is already there. Finding the right trade-off is key as you need to know what to put in a package that people are willing to wear.

Things like battery life must be considered, he said. Is a full day of battery life enough? That depends on whether or not the device (in this case, a watch) is easy to recharge. If you can take it off and lay it on your nightstand to charge inductively, it might be.

He said Acer is thinking along those lines and consumers should expect to see something like that from them next year.