Popular image hosting site Imgur has seen itself grow through social media giant Reddit. In an attempt to capitalize on the meme fad, the company has developed its very own generator that allows users to post their creations directly to the site. Alan Schaaf, Imgur's CEO, explained his new project saying, "Our community has been asking for an Imgur meme generator for a long time, so we hope they're as excited about this new meme generator as we are to deliver it to them."

According to PCMag, the project has been in the works for some time now, but the Imgur team was stalled trying to integrate the feature into the full website. However, after learning that Quickmeme was recently banned from Reddit for their involvement in an upvote scandal, Imgur was eager to pounce on the opportunity.

As a result, Imgur's Meme Generator was rushed through the final development stages, in large part thanks to the company's dedicated engineering team. "This was no small task - our engineering team rocked it," the CEO said in a statement.

Imgur elected to go with a simple and clean interface. Meme creators start by selecting one of several pre-existing templates, or by choosing to upload one of their own. Once the textboxes are dragged and dropped into place, the font can be easily resized as the user sees fit. Finally, for those who can't remember the proper application of the meme or simply need a little inspiration, a convenient "popular example" list is also provided.

It's easy to see why Imgur's Meme Generator will probably do well. There is little competition in this market and Imgur already has a monthly user base of close to 80 million. Schaaf also believes that his product is superior to what others are offering. "When I look at other products I naturally think of ways to improve upon what already exists. We applied that approach to the development of Meme Generator, and built something we think is better than anything currently available elsewhere."

For those interested, you can try out the new feature here.