Following up to a few news stories we reported on last week, Apple has announced they sold over a million songs during iTunes' first week of operation, half of them sold as full albums BTW.

Low PC prices during March resulted in good sales figures despite of the war, the average selling price for a desktop in March was $719, nearly the same as February's low of $717 (w/o Monitor, US sales).

Microsoft will disclose more details about the next "big" version of Windows (LongHorn) and show off prototypes of smart set-top boxes and PCs at its Windows Hardware Engineering Conference this week.

PC Mag takes a look to Paint Shop Pro 8, a complete suite of image-editing and special-effects tools at a fraction of the price of the competing Adobe Photoshop 7.0, this is one personal favourite, though I'm still using its previous version.

Microsoft has grouped all its online resources for hardware and driver software makers in a new portal site, a move the company believes will ultimately result in a better computing experience for PC users.

Electronic Arts today announced that Maxis Studio is now busy working on The Sims 2. The title will be unveiled at this year's E3 and is slated for an early next year release, for the first time, players control their Sims over an entire lifetime according to the PR.

HomeLAN got a chance to chat with Team 17's Martyn Brown to find out more about their plans for Worms 3D, if you haven't played one of the previous Worms games you are certainly missing an instant classic, soon on 3d, quite a step for a pure 2D platformer.