Google recently released version 28 of Chrome for Windows as an automatic update which includes a couple of noteworthy features in addition to bug fixes. It's the first version of the browser that ships with Google's new rendering engine called Blink, a direct replacement for WebKit.

The search giant decided to make the switch because they needed to be free to add features and make security fixes without being chained down by having to ensure compatibility with WebKit.

Chrome 28 also includes the ability for apps and extensions to deliver rich pop-up notifications to the user. The browser already supports notifications but this version will enable those messages to be richer in context which means they can include things like images and lists instead of basic text. For example, developers could use these notifications to display a list of unread e-mails or show image thumbnails.

Google offers a rich notification test app and documentation for those interested in learning more about how to use rich notifications in their apps and extensions.

What's more, notifications now arrive as part of the notification center and thus can be delivered even when the browser isn't open. It's worth pointing out that these notifications are already available in the Chrome OS browser and we are told they will be added to versions for Linux and Mac soon.

If you are interested in trying Chrome 28 you can download it by clicking on your operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux.