PC shipments continued their downward trend during the second quarter of the year according to the latest data from two leading market research firms. Specifically, IDC estimated that unit sales dropped 11.4%, while Gartner put the decline at 10.9%. Both blamed the drop on the same reasons we've been hearing for a while now: people are opting for touch-based tablets and smartphones rather than PCs.

Gartner says inexpensive tablets are displacing low-end computers in "mature" markets such as the US, while in emerging markets they are also growing fast and at best least causing people to defer the purchase of a PC. IDC seconds that notion, saying consumers can get their Internet fix from inexpensive mobile devices, while also pointing out that the release of Windows 8 has done little to revive interest in desktop computing.

In terms of marketshare per manufacturer, both research firms both put Lenovo at 16.7% globally, which is less than a percentage point more than HP and enough to claim the top spot in the April - June period. The Chinese firm is still outpacing rivals, but growth is slowing down and actually slipped into negative territory this quarter. Dell, Acer and Asus rounded out the top five list and all three continued to see a decline in sales.

When it comes to the US market specifically, HP and Dell are still leading the race, with roughly 25% and 24% share each. Apple is a distant third with ~11.5% market share followed by Lenovo at ~10% and either Toshiba or Acer in fifth, depending on who you ask. Things are not looking good for the latter with the biggest year-on-year shipment decline at over 32% globally and a drop of almost 20% in the US.

Gartner: Preliminary worldwide PC vendor unit shipment estimates fo 2Q13

Company 2Q13 shipped 2Q13 market share 2Q12 shipped 2Q12 market share Growth
Lenovo 12,677,265 16.7% 12,755,068 14.9% -0.6%
HP 12,402,887 16.3% 13,028,822 15.3% -4.8%
Dell 8,984,634 11.8% 9,349,212 11.0% -3.9%
Acer 6,305,000 8.3% 9,743,663 11.4% -35.3%
Asus 4,590,071 6.0% 5,772,043 6.8% -20.5%
Others 31,041,130 40,8 34,675,824 40.6% -10.5%
Total 76,000,986 100% 85,324,591 100% -10.9%

IDC: Top 5 vendors, worldwide PC shipments, second quarter 2013 (preliminary)

Company 2Q13 shipped 2Q13 market share 2Q12 shipped 2Q12 market share Growth
Lenovo 12,619,000 16.7% 12,802,000 15.0% -1.4%
HP 12,378,000 16.4% 13,414,000 15.7% -7.7%
Dell 9,230,000 12.2% 9,633,000 11.3% -4.2%
Acer 6,226,000 8.2% 9,241,000 10.8% -32.6%
Asus 4,590,000 6.1% 5,820,000 6.8% -21.1%
Others 30,589,000 40.4% 34,464,000 40.4% -11.2%
Total 75,632,000 100% 85,374,000 100% -11.4%

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