Apple's Developer Center is now back online (to some extent) after being taken down more than a week ago. Cupertino elected to take the developer portal offline following a security breach that may have compromised some developers' names, mailing addresses and / or e-mail addresses.

Apple noted in a previous release that sensitive personal information like credit cards wasn't leaked, but it was a big enough concern that Apple decided to take the site offline in order to completely overhaul the site's security. They didn't offer a timetable as to when it would return but did launch a status page to show which services have been restored and which were still offline.

In a message to developers, Apple said they were working around the clock to overhaul the developer systems, update the server software and rebuild their entire database. In the event that your program membership expired or was set to expire during the downtime, it will be extended and your app will remain on the App Store, Apple said.

ITunes Connect and Bug Reporter were the first two services to come back online. As of writing, iOS Dev Center, Mac Dev Center, Safari Dev Center, Software Downloads and Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles have all returned to regular operational status. We're still waiting for Xcode Automatic Configuration, Pre-Release Documentation, Videos, Member Center, App Store Resource Center, Program Enrollment and Renewals, Apple Developer Forums and Technical Support to come back online.

Those interested in checking the status of the developer portal tools can do so by visiting Apple's status page.