For those of you out there with an AMD Radeon graphics card, AMD has released the Catalyst 13.9 drivers, which are both WHQL and Windows 8.1-certified. The drivers address a number of issues with performance in games, applications and the Control Center itself, although no specific game performance improvements were listed.

The Catalyst 13.9 drivers also removes frame pacing, a feature that smoothens frame delivery for multi-GPU set-ups. While frame pacing can be an advantage in some situations, the feature was broken on numerous set-ups, including on 4K monitors and EyeFinity systems, so AMD decided to keep it only in the beta drivers.

Nvidia has also released a new WHQL certified driver, coming out with version 327.23 for GPU owners to download. The drivers feature the usual array of game performance improvements, as well as official Windows 8.1 support, a few new SLI profiles, TXAA support for OpenGL, and improved support for 4K displays.

The 327.23 drivers appear identical to the 326.80 beta drivers released last month, but it's still a good idea to update regardless of whether you're currently running on the WHQL or beta releases.

Both AMD's Catalyst 13.9 drivers and Nvidia's GeForce 327.23 drivers can be downloaded from our driver download section.