iRobot on Tuesday launched the Roomba 880, the newest member of the Roomba vacuum family. The latest hockey puck-shaped robot is said to feature the biggest technology innovation since the first Roomba rolled off the assembly line more than a decade ago according to iRobot CEO Colin Angle.

What's new with the 880, you ask? Well for one, iRobot has done away with the traditional brushes that become tangled with hair and other debris rather quickly. After just a few runs, you'll need to remove the brushes and free them of the hair or else the machine will eventually trigger a safety feature and stop working until you clean it.

In its place is a new roller technology, or "tangle-free debris extractors" as iRobot calls them, backed by 12 new patents. Not having to clean the brushes may be reason enough for some to consider the 880 but there's even more technology at play here.

There's also new "airflow accelerators" designed to create a concentrated stream of air to target select areas. It's all topped off by a new motor that has five times the sucking power of previous Roomba models for 50 percent more dirt removal.

Roomba's have always been a rather expensive investment and unfortunately, the 880 raises the bar even higher with a price tag of $699. Early reports also claim the vacuum is a bit louder than previous models and of course, it'll still require a bit of upkeep on your part (emptying the dust bin, specifically) to keep it running in tip-top shape.