Yahoo will soon be auctioning off a number of prominent domain names they own but never used through auction house Sedo. Given Marissa Mayer's push to hone in on core services and experiences this past year, it's a wonder it took so long for the domains to be put on the market.

At some point over the past 19 years, Yahoo acquired a wealth of domain names that ultimately went unused. According to a blog post on the subject, these domains were forgotten about until someone stumbled across the list not too long ago.

The only obvious thing to do with them, it would seem, was to set them free back into the wild of the Internet. As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Surely there are some creative people, businesses and entrepreneurs that could use some of the domains.

Starting tomorrow, more than a hundred domains like,,,, and will go up for auction during a week-long event. There are some odd-ball domains in the mix as well including, and Some of the less desirable domains are priced in the $1,000 to $4,999 range while higher tier properties will require a bid of at least $1 million to get started.

If you don't see anything of interest just yet, don't fret. Yahoo said they will be adding more domain names as the week goes on meaning there could still be a few hidden gems waiting to be sold to the highest bidder.