Micro-computer maker Raspberry Pi has been experiencing some decent success over the past year or so, and recently the company revealed that it has now sold 2 million units. Over the weekend, the Raspberry Pi Foundation took to its blog to announce that it registered the landmark sale in the final week of October.

The foundation was shocked when the sales numbers came in, it didn't expect to reach that number until sometime in the first quarter of next year. Raspberry Pi has doubled its sales since last January when it hit the $1 million mark. It took the company one year to achieve its first million, and now just 10 months for the second.

Back in early October, the company announced that it had ran off 1.75 million units through its manufacturing line, most of which through its award winning South Wales Sony plant.

Starting at $25, the credit card sized unit is basically a mother board with a CPU and some I/O. Hobbyists and students can build software for it – or use it to create a fully functioning robot band, that plays Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda music in time with the game – or like these guys, who turned it into an anonymous wireless access point.