Bundle up and find your Holiday spirit, because Christmas Wintersday is coming back to the world of Guild Wars 2. The Asuran Toymaker Tixx is spreading cheer once again by piloting his golem-shaped airship, the Infinirarium, to all the cities throughout Tyria. But anyone who is familiar with Tixx's less-than-perfect toymaking process knows what kind of "playful terrors" await inside the festive simulator. 

Those who appreciate "platforming" will find delight in the Winter Wonderland, an intense timed jumping puzzle that has made its way back to Wintersday to test your prancing prowess. You'll find yourself leaping quickly across disappearing snowflakes, hopping across presents, and dodging giant snowballs on your way to the "ultimate prize" located at the end of the maze. Anyone who competed in the original Winter Wonderland might be disappointed, as this puzzle will likely be a carbon copy of last year's event. In the last holiday update, the Mad King brought back his tower to survey jumpers ability, and that too was identical to the previous year's test.

Other returning events include the Toypocalypse, where you'll be forced to take down rogue playthings, and the Bell Choir, where you can test your ability to remember and repeat songs. You can also take out your aggression on other players in Snowball Mayhem, which acts much like a chaotic game of capture the flag present.

But even with all the festive merriment going on, there are those who would seek only to do evil this Holiday. The Nightmarish Tower of the Toxic Alliance still stands tall in Kessex Hills, so you might want to take time out of your busy Wintersday schedule to down some evil-doers. 

The Wintersday Update is do to hit December 10th and and will bring a few others surprises with it. The "Armorsmith" level cap will be increased from 400 to 500, allowing players to craft Ascended armor pieces. There will also be a nifty balance update, and new healing skills will be available for each class.