More than just a design win for NVIDIA thanks to a strong relationship with the software giant, according to the Inq, every US PC that comes with Microsoft Media Center Edition will also ship with an Nvidia graphics processor.

Intel discontinues i850E and i860 chipsets, goodbye RDRAM.

Hackers use Xbox for more than games, some users increasingly view the Xbox as a cheap appliance easily rigged to operate as a fully functioning personal computer.

ATI may be facing some chip shortage... let's blame NVIDIA for its 'unsuccessful' NV30, ATI attributes the shortage to a huge demand for its products and not lack of supply.

Roxio is near a deal to buy the online music service Pressplay from its owners, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Let's remember Roxio bought what was left of Napster last year and is planning to launch an online music service this year.

Now two news bits from slashdot:
Unlike most "Hacks" in film, The Matrix reloaded actually has an ounce of reality where other films would rely on fancy 3D graphics. You can see more at where they have screenshots. It's only on screen for a split second, but Tritnity uses Nmap to find a vulnerable SSH server, and then exploits it using the SSH1 CRC32 exploit from 2001.

Also a guide to BitTorrent, a newcomer in P2P programs looks to be a work in progress with strong niche potential (that niche would be us, not the average PC user so take a look).