Last month Dell introduced new 32- and 24-inch 4K Ultra HD monitors but what really got us excited was the promise of a 28-incher in the sub $1,000 range early this year. True to its word, the company has introduced said monitor at the Consumer Electronics Show at the ultra aggressive price of just $699.

It's known as the P2815Q and it contains an IPS LED display boasting a full 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 that promises the same "screen performance" as the two UltraSharp 4K models announced last month (those start at $1,400, mind you). The 28-inch screen will be height-adjustable and users can even rotate it to portrait view if they so choose.

Dell has yet to announce full specifications on the monitor so things like refresh rate and input options are unknown at this hour. A poor refresh rate could limit the usefulness of the P2815Q in gaming, but let's not jump ahead of ourselves. It's probably a safe bet that we'll see DisplayPort as one input option, however.

We're still in the very early stages of 4K technology both in terms of software and hardware but there are still several non-entertainment uses for such monitors. For example, they'd serve as an excellent replacement for a traditional multi-monitor display thanks to the added screen real estate. And if you do have the graphics processing power, gaming would look out of this world at max resolution.

The Dell P2815Q will go on sale starting January 23 and be sure to check back for our review of the 32-inch Dell UltraSharp in the near future.