AMD is showing off a prototype build of its ridiculously thin, Mullins APU equipped Nano PC at this year's CES. The tiny PC, designed to sit atop your TV, is about as thin as a Galaxy Note 3 and capable of running Windows 8.1.

Along with Windows capability, it currently houses a camera, Bluetooth, WiFi and DockPort connectivity as well as a 256GB SSD. Reports say that it is handling Windows 8.1 fairly seamlessly and is capable of running EA's FIFA 14 in 1080p. It will also come with a mini breakout box (seen above) that provides USB and HDMI connections in order to beam the PC's output to your TV, among many other things. Basically, a PC the size of a smartphone with a sizeable SSD that can run Windows and AAA games in full HD.

As others have pointed out, the super thin PC is quite an impressive piece of technology to say the least. Unfortunately, it is just that --  a technology – AMD likely won't be selling these things but rather using the prototype to entice other manufacturers to adopt its slick new HTPC design.

(Image via Engadget)