It's been a while since we last saw a great RTS. The Command and Conquer series has left a lot to be desired lately, and with nothing new from Blizzard since Starcraft 2, the RTS category could benefit from a new franchise. Focus Home Interactive hopes to revitalize the genre with a new RTS project dubbed Etherium. This isn't the developer's first title, they are the same people behind the online space strategy/simulation title, Stellar Impact.

The release will have you take control of one of three factions, and battle for authority of Etherium, a precious resource. Each faction will have its own strengths and weaknesses, along with special powers and "colossi of war," which act as massive, powerful, champion-type units. The teaser trailer above will give you a glimpse at what some of the units look like, but unfortunately the video doesn't reveal much information about the factions or what we can expect in terms of gameplay.

One unique standout feature is the weather system. There will be seven separate planets to wage battle upon, each with their own special environmental hazards and safeguards. Cross a frozen lake to get a tactical position on your enemy, or cloak your units in a sandstorm as you move stealthily across the battlefield. These are just a couple of the weather-based strategies that Focus Home Interactive hopes to employ with their upcoming RTS.

The title will feature a non-linear campaign and four-person online multiplayer battles. Etherium is due to release sometime in spring of 2014 for PC.