I've played the Resident Evil franchise since its beginning. It was my introduction to the survival horror genre, and it's easily one of the best franchises to come from the Capcom brand. My favorite, even years after its initial release, is Resident Evil 4. Capcom re-released an HD version of horror classic onto Xbox Live and the Playstation Network recently, and today they're at it again, but this time for the PC platform with the “Resident Evil Ultimate HD Edition.”

The revamped RE4 title will release on Steam and comes with some unique features. For one, all of the textures have been updated in what Capcom calls a “complete visual overhaul.” It will also run at 60 frames per second. You'll also get access to the Steam Community, trading cards, and achievements, so although you may have played this game 20 times over already, these added trophies may force you to play in a way you haven't experienced yet.

A lot of Resident Evil 4's gameplay revolves around fast, absolute aiming, so it will be interesting to see just how well the control scheme carries over onto a keyboard and mouse. Although, Capcom has stated that the release will support gamepads. If you aren't familiar with the Resident Evil series, now is a great time to get an idea of what these thrill-filled games offer. The Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition is due to hit Steam on February 27th and will cost $20.