Somewhere in the neighborhood of 80,000 spectators will converge on MetLife Stadium this Sunday to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. And while officials have worked with Verizon for more than a year to ensure this will be the most connected live event in sports history, there's one thing the league isn't prepared to deal with: streaming video.

To ensure there is enough bandwidth to go around, league officials have decided to block live streaming of the game inside the stadium over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. But why would someone that is already at the game want to watch it on their phone in the stands?

Truth be told, diehard football fans don't want to miss a second of the action. In addition to the thrill of witnessing the game live, thousands of people also like to use their smartphones to watch the television broadcast for addition insight like analysis and instant replays.

Both the and Fox Sports plan to stream the game as it happens on the web and via mobile apps but both sources will be bocked for Super Bowl attendees. According to NFL CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle, the decision comes as a result of last year's big game where streaming was initially allowed before officials had to pull the plug as it was consuming too much bandwidth.

Will you be watching the big game this year? If so, which team are you cheering for? Or are you in it strictly for the commercials?