Dish Network on Thursday launched its new Super Joey add-on DVR. The Super Joey was first announced during CES in January and is the first in a series of new devices from the company. In conjunction with a Hopper DVR, the pair can record up to eight shows at once – that is, under the right circumstances.

The Super Joey adds two network tuners into the mix while the Hopper contains three native tuners of its own. With five tuners on tap, how exactly can one record up to eight shows at once? The magic lies within the Hopper as the device can record shows from ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC – the four major broadcast networks according to Dish – using a single tuner simultaneously.

That leaves the remaining four tuners free to record a show each for a total of eight. In the event you aren’t recording from those specific channels, you can then only record five channels at a time – one per tuner.

Either way, having the ability to record anywhere between five and eight shows should be more than plenty for most households – especially when you factor in on-demand services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, HBO GO and others. What’s more, Dish is rumored to be working on its own on-demand service.

No word yet on how much the Super Joey will retail for but we do know it will be offered to new and existing customers.