LG has announced that its webOS-powered Smart+ HDTVs have surpassed 1 million in sales. The Korean manufacturer launched the new displays back in March and have hit the 1 million mark in just under 4 months time. After being initially revealed in January of 2014, LG expects to have 10 million of its webOS TVs out in the wild by half way through 2015.

"Reaching the one million mark in just three months is a significant achievement in the TV industry," said In-kyu Lee, the senior VP and head of TV at LG.

Those number don't sound all that unattainable either. The company's line of smart TVs are yet to roll out worldwide, but LG says they will be available in over 150 markets by the end of this month. To further bolster interest in its new displays, the company will also be extending its "LG Smart+ TV Experience Zones" program to more retail outlets.

While there is a hint of Palm still left in webOS since LG purchased it back in 2013, the company revamped it completely as what it considers to be a simple but effective smart TV OS. "Rather than continuing to add more and more functions into our smart TVs that few people will ever use," Lee said in a recent press release regarding the milestone, "we've decided to focus on simplicity with our 2014 Smart+ TVs with webOS. Consumers seem to share our view that this is the right direction for the evolution of smart TVs going forward."