Considering Windows support for the Xbox 360 controllers has been a given for a very long time, Xbox One owners as well as PC gamers wanting to use the revamped console controller have been waiting for similar treatment since the launch of the console last November.

Now the wait is over. Microsoft released today official Xbox One Controller Drivers for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. Although there is no exact mention of which versions of Windows are supported, everything points to Windows 7 and 8. That's the good news, but the better news is game compatibility.

The Xbox One controller should work with any title that is compatible with the Xbox 360 controller. And as one would assume this far in the game, that list is quite extensive. If you're wondering exactly how extensive, you can check out this wiki.

If you already have a Xbox One controller handy, just choose your Windows platform below and click on the download link for your driver.

Also, in case you missed it. We recently posted a review update on the Xbox One after owning the console for six months. Here's a blurb from the controller section: opinion of the Xbox One controller has significantly improved. I've grown to like the feel of the thing in my hands, including the contrast between the solid controller and those wiggly triggers. Many hours of Titanfall have helped me get a sense of just how good the Xbox One controller is for first-person shooters. It's enough of an improvement that if and when Microsoft finally makes the controller work with PC games, I'll switch. 

Overall, my opinion of the Xbox One controller has significantly changed for the better. Good job, Xbox One controller!