I stopped by EVGA's suite at Computex 2014, and the company had a few things on show that I found interesting. Pictured above is a prototype mechanical keyboard the company has been working on, featuring Cherry MX keyswitches and carbon fiber highlights.

The model they showed wasn't final, which was obvious from a few design oddities, but I liked the inclusion of a small screen above the keys to display in-game and system information. And it felt pretty good to type on despite being unfinished, as you'd expect from a mechanical keyboard.

EVGA was also showing off two Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z designs, one of which is their version with a water cooling block that you will be available to buy for a few hundred more than Nvidia's crazy $3,000 asking price. Another, seen below, is a custom air-cooled Titan Z that won't be available for purchase.

The reason why EVGA can't sell their air-cooled Titan Z is because Nvidia has tough restrictions on what OEMs can do with Titan products. The restrictions essentially prohibits the release of Titans with any modifications, including custom coolers, although Nvidia does allow some water cooled versions to be produced.