Motorola recently released a 64GB version of its flagship Moto X smartphone and launched a creative - albeit brief - promotion to put the device into the hands of potential buyers.

Under the "try then buy" offer, customers were allowed to put down one penny toward the purchase of any Moto X and try it risk-free for two weeks. The offer applied to any Moto X, even those customized through Moto Maker, and if you weren't happy with it for any reason, simply send it back without any obligations.

Unfortunately, the deal only lasted for about 24 hours over the weekend as the company has since sold its promo allotment. It's unclear how many phones Motorola was offering in the promotion but selling out in a day is always a good sign.

Could "try before you buy" be the next big thing in gadgets? Maybe.

We saw Google launch a similar promotion back in April with Google Glass. The company allowed some potential buyers to check out the array of frame styles and colors before committing to a purchase through a home try-on program. Participants were sent non-functional versions of Glass in multiple colors and frame styles to see which they liked best.

In Motorola's case, however, it's much more likely that Google is simply trying to clear out old inventory before handing Motorola off to Lenovo (or before closing its Texas assembly plant later this year). As such, it's also likely that we could see similar promotions crop up in the not-too-distant future.