Oculus VR is one of several high-profile companies on hand at E3 this week in Los Angeles. But rather than show off a revised version of their virtual reality headset, the company is using the expo to focus on games created for the device.

Specifically, the Facebook-owned firm is showing off three new titles created by third-party developers. As Mashable points out, each game on display represents a completely different virtual reality experience.

Kickstarter-funded Super Hot is billed as a unique first-person shooter where time moves only when you move. This gameplay element transforms the average FPS into a strategic puzzle that's not unlike a real-time game of chess. The project has already blasted past its funding goal of $100,000 with well over double that amount pledged thus far.

Elsewhere, Lucky's Tale is a third-person platformer that has players follow a furry hero named Lucky. The protagonist has some basic abilities like jumping, throwing and bouncing on enemies but it's the unique point-of-view that's winning over editors at E3.

Last but certainly not least is Sega's upcoming horror game, Alien: Isolation. The demo tasks players with trying to escape a space station while as an alien is attempting to hunt you down. You have no method of defense and must use skill and stealth tactics to survive. One false move and it is game over.

 The Oculus Rift still doesn't have a solid release date heading into the summer.