Apple recently launched a new lower end 21-inch iMac for $200 cheaper than the previous base model. As we reported the $1099 entry fee comes at a price with a much slower processor and now we've learned the 8GB of RAM the machine comes with is not upgradeable.

Mac reseller Other World Computing got their hands on the new all-in-one machine yesterday and have now had a chance to rip it apart. OWC found the RAM soldered to the machine, removing any possibility of replacing it from the new entry level iMac. The hard drive inside the machine is upgradeable up to a 256GB Flash drive for an additional $250, but the usual custom RAM options are missing from Apple's purchase page. With no DIY possibilities or factory upgrades, the $1099 iMac appears to be stuck with 8GB of RAM for good.

When the new iMac released last year it was criticized for its lack of repairability with a poor iFixit score, so it is likely with the RAM soldered inside for good, the well known computer teardown group won't favor the new $1099 model either. 

While for those who absolutely must have an iMac on a budget, the new entry level machine may be a decent option, but chances are previous generation or pre owned models could be a better option.