Google been dealing with a long run of privacy and other legal issues in Europe, and now the Italian government says the company has 18 months to comply to its latest demands.

The search giant has had to deal with several other European Union nations regarding its unified data policy, and now it is being forced to obey local Italian privacy laws. The Italians do not want profiles made for them without direct consent and Google must accommodate requests from users to have certain data removed from its servers. Mountain View is being given two months to honor such requests and 6 months to have said data completely removed from back ups.

Early this year Google complied with the EU's demand to create a data removal request infrastructure for Europeans looking to have personal data taken out of Google search results. So it doesn't come as any surprise that the company will also comply with Italy's requests. 

The company told Reuters recently that it should have a clear plan ready for officials by late September. While fines of up to 1 million euros or more barely scrape the edges of the tech giant's bank account, the lengthy and possibly ugly criminal cases that could come as a result of the company choosing not to comply are likely something even Google wants to avoid.

Image via Shutterstock