A number of major tech companies are releasing gender diversity reports and eBay is the latest to put out its numbers. Compared to tech companies like Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Pinterest who have already made gender numbers public, eBay is the most diverse of them all. 

Based on its report, 42% of eBay's 33,000 employees around the world are women. Pinterest comes close at 40%, followed by Yahoo at 37%. Of the companies that have released reports so far, Google and Twitter are tied for dead last when it comes to gender diversity with 30% female work forces.

As many as 28% of those females hold leadership roles at eBay, compared to 19% at Pinterest. Also the highest among companies that have thus far released diversity reports, eBay's strong female leadership numbers are at least in part because of its Women's Initiative Network. Known as WIN, the program encourages women to stay on with the company in order to take on leadership roles down the road. 

While there are still some other big tech companies yet to release diversity reports, Apple's numbers are likely the most notable we have yet to receive. Earlier this month CEO Tim Cook said the company would be releasing a report, but we still have no details as to when that might happen.