It seems pretty unlikely that Verizon would accidentally send one of its customers an iPhone 6 prototype instead of a consumer model but that's exactly what one person claims has happened. Instead of returning the device, the recipient headed to eBay to see just how much the phone will fetch.

While the authenticity of the prototype iPhone 6 can't be verified, it certainly looks like a legitimate Apple prototype based on leaks in previous years. The rear shell of the phone is free of any FCC markings and doesn't even have a serial number. The Lightning port on the bottom of the phone is red, perhaps the most obvious visual change over the consumer version.

In an interview with CNET, the eBay user - identified as Alex Kantor - said he is an avid tech lover and knew right away that he had come into possession of something special. The phone boots up into a developer mode called SwitchBoard instead of iOS 8.

Details of the auction point out that he cannot guarantee that the phone will make calls or that the camera will work. He does note, however, that iTunes recognized it as an iPhone when connected.

At this point, there are more questions than answers regarding the device. If his story is legit, how did a prototype get mixed in with consumer models? Will Apple attempt to get the phone back as we've seen in the past? Are the insane bids - the current high bid is $100,000 - legitimate?