Bids on alleged iPhone 6 prototype top $100,000 on eBay

Shawn Knight

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It seems pretty unlikely that Verizon would accidentally send one of its customers an iPhone 6 prototype instead of a consumer model but that's exactly what one person claims has happened. Instead of returning the device, the recipient headed to eBay...

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I'm trying to imagine this,....if I had all the money in the world,...why on earth would I want that "prototype"?

It's like junk collectors amidst the richest.


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Hey Shawn, it's stories like this that make me wish I hadn't misplaced my copy of, "Idiocracy". It's times like these that make that movie seem, "so real".
Maby apple wants to buy it back for thier special dev os
Maybe Apple could just get the Chinese to make them another, "prototype". After all, they only pay them about 2 bucks an hour. It would be flat out stupid for them to get into a bidding war over it.

Or for laughs, they might try planting a couple of shills into the bidding pool, just to see how far they could drive the price up.


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It sounds like a scam if I ever heard one. Who in their right mind would consider paying 100 grand for something thats not even worth 5 bucks in reality? I can only imagine iDopes being interested in something like this.


Or maybe the buyer want to check the inner software to find clues for jailbraiking...