You may have noticed some new sources popping up in the "news" section of Google results lately, as the company has apparently changed its definition of what sites it considers news.

The new "In the News" box is essentially an updated version of the old "News for" box, but as of recently, reports began surfacing of sources outside of the typical Google News approved sites starting to appear. Everything from Reddit discussions to standard blog posts and videos can now appear in the Google search news section. 

A company spokesperson gave a statement to Search Engine Land confirming the policy change. "We will be pulling from all over the web which means that we will present as diverse a range of voices as possible to ensure we get users to the answer they are looking for," the company said. "We are always working to give our users the best possible answer to their question. That might come in the form of a video, a press release, a blog, a photo, a social media post or a news article."

As reported, searches like "Dunkin Donuts" and "website maintenance," have recently offered up "In the News" results from Reddit and non Google news approved site Yoast. 

For the most part it would seem that a broader and more diverse option of opinions and sources for Google news search results is a good thing, but it appears there is still some tweaking to be done. Recently a search for TSA (Transportation Security Administration) brought back news results with inappropriate language courtesy of a new Reddit thread. While it isn't the end of the world to see curse words in Google search results, it appeared with SafeSearch enabled, which could lead to issues for some. According to reports, searching directly within the Google News section itself only brings back the usual Google approved news sources.