HP announced a partnership with US-based fashion designer Michael Bastian earlier this year to develop a smartwatch. A single teaser picture and a very broad description of the watch's functionality is pretty much all we had to go on at the time.

The smartwatch now has a name - the MB Chronowing - and a battery life of about seven days according to The Wall Street Journal, who recently spent some time with the wearable.

As one might expect coming from a fashion designer, the MB Chronowing looks less like the current crop of futuristic smartwatches and more like a fashionable timepiece. In fact, it doesn't feature a touchscreen at all, there's no microphone for voice control and it doesn't track steps walked or measure your heart rate.

So, what's so smart about it?

For starters, it syncs up to Android and iOS devices and it's packed with technology that you wouldn't find in a standard wristwatch - it just goes about things in a more subtle way. For example, a slight vibration - not an audible, attention-grabbing tone - alerts the wearer of texts, e-mails and other app notifications.

While not touchscreen, the watch does feature a monochrome LCD display which can display the time, show messages, the weather, stock prices and so on. Users interact with the wearable via three large buttons that can navigate menus, activate a built-in light and control a phone's music player.

Bastian designed the watch to be subtle, pointing out how annoying it can be when someone is constantly checking their phone. The MB Chronowing lets you keep tabs on things in a polite manner.

The MB Chronowing goes on sale November 7 exclusively at online fashion retailer Gilt. Buyers will be able to choose between a limited-edition (only 300 are being made), all-black model featuring sapphire glass and an alligator strap for $649. Those looking to save a bit of coin can opt for the $349 model that relies less on premium materials and comes with three different bands.