Amazon has published its first-ever diversity report and despite the image its landing page attempts to paint, the online retailer's workforce is largely comprised of white males - mirroring the landscape of its tech industry peers.

On a global scale, 63 percent of Amazon's workforce is male while 75 percent of global managers are also male.

In the US, 60 percent of employees are white, 15 percent are black, 13 percent are Asian and nine percent are Hispanic (the remaining three percent is listed as "other"). As for managerial positions in the US, 71 percent are held by whites and 18 percent are Asian. Hispanics, blacks and "other" collectively account for just 11 percent.

Interestingly enough, Amazon didn't disclose the breakdown of technical versus non-technical roles as other tech companies have done.

Amazon's workforce, consisting of more than 88,400 people around the globe, is a bit more diverse than some other companies. The reason for this, as USA Today correctly points out, is because most Amazon employees work in distribution centers. It's a similar situation to Apple's workforce as many on its payroll work in the company's retail stores.

Amazon outlined some of the steps they've been taking to help shape their work environment including affinity groups and attempting to get middle and high school kids interested in technology and engineering at an earlier age.

Amazon joins a growing list of tech giants that have published diversity reports in this year including Apple, eBay, Facebook, Microsoft, Pinterest and Twitter, just to name a few.