In an effort to give you more control over what you see in your News Feed, Facebook has made it easier to unfollow and re-follow pages, groups, and people. News Feed settings will now show a list of people, Pages, and Groups you've seen the most over the past week, along with an option to unfollow those whose stories you do not want to see anymore.

In addition, If you are not interested in or don't want to see a particular story in your News Feed, you can use the gray arrow that appears in the top right corner of the story to hide it, and when you do this, you'll also have the option to ask to see less from that person or Page. Should you choose to see less, you'll then have the option to unfollow that particular person or page.

Obviously, the changes are not permanent. You can always visit News Feed settings to see everything you've unfollowed and can re-follow them.

Aside from News Feed settings, which are now available on both desktop and mobile, the company has also added new options for giving feedback about your News Feed, something which is currently only available on desktop, and coming to mobile "in the coming weeks".

Earlier this year, Facebook announced some improvements to News Feed aimed at reducing click-baiting headlines.