Intel has revealed additional details on its high-end fashion bracelet, MICA. The device was first unveiled earlier this year although the chipmaker was mum on the subject of pricing and carrier availability, instead only providing basic details regarding its functionality.

The company promised to offer up more details in a couple of months and today, they're making good on that promise.

We now know that Intel's wearable will retail for $495 and will be available exclusively in the US. The device is being sold with a two-year data service agreement through AT&T that includes international roaming. Again, the data service is bundled into the overall price of the bracelet (no word yet on how much data will cost buyers after that initial period expires).

Unlike the wealth of other smartwatches that are largely designed for the male market, Intel's MICA bracelet targets women. It's capable of fielding a variety of notifications and includes deep Yelp integration to tip off the wearer to the presence of nearby restaurants, stores and so. Another feature through TomTom, meanwhile, can remind the wearer of pending appointments.

While it does offer several nifty features and functions independently from a smartphone, the latter fact also limits what the wearable can do. For example, it can't notify the wearer of incoming calls nor can it be used to control music playback. Furthermore, because there's no microphone, voice control isn't an option.

Intel is hoping its fashion-friendly design and premium materials will help make up for such shortcomings in terms of functionality.

Interested parties can look for the MICA bracelet at Opening Ceremony stores in Los Angeles in addition to select Barneys stores in NYC and online at both stores' websites this December.