2015 will be the year we start to see a ton of monitors available with adaptive refresh technology, whether that's Nvidia's G-Sync or the AMD-backed FreeSync. When it comes to the latter implementation, five display manufacturers have now signed up to deliver FreeSync displays early this year.

Major display OEMs LG, BenQ and ViewSonic are ready to release a small selection of FreeSync monitors in the coming months. On top of this we'll get FreeSync panels from Samsung, as we previously reported, and Nixeus.

FreeSync displays will come in all sizes and resolutions, so there will be a decent amount of choice available to consumers. Samsung alone will offer Ultra HD displays ranging from 23.6" to 31.5", while LG will be producing ultra-wide 2560 x 1080 monitors (29" and 34") to begin with. BenQ will offer a 144 Hz QHD 27-incher, and ViewSonic and Nixeus will round things off with 27- and 24-inch 1080p 144 Hz monitors respectively.

All OEMs currently involved with producing FreeSync displays are new to the adaptive refresh game; that's to say that they have no G-Sync monitors on the market. It's a similar story for G-Sync OEMs Asus, AOC and Acer, who haven't announced any plans to support FreeSync.

Unlike G-Sync, FreeSync does not require any proprietary hardware in the monitor (save for an updated scaler), which should result in cheaper displays for consumers. FreeSync is also found in the VESA-standard DisplayPort 1.2a spec, which is currently optional but definitely a step in the right direction.