Eyefi, maker of Wi-Fi enabled SD cards that are popular among photographers, has launched a new 32GB Wi-Fi SD card called the Eyefi Mobi Pro. Described by the company as the most powerful Wi-Fi SD card ever, it certainly looks impressive on paper and could save professionals a lot of time on the job.

Eyefi Mobi Pro allows photographers to determine which images get automatically transferred from their camera to their mobile device (JPEGs for quick review) or to a computer (RAW files for post-processing). The original Mobi card simply transferred every image taken to a single device or computer – not quite as flexible.

On a mobile device, the card will momentarily take over your Wi-Fi to transfer images before dropping the connection. At home, the card can be set up on your local network so it can transfer seamlessly without interrupting anything.

All of this sounds great but as CNET highlights, the card’s slow transfer speeds (23MB/sec read, 13MB/sec write) aren’t exactly ideal for burst shooting high-resolution images. Its $99.99 price tag for 32GB of storage is also rather steep although the added convenience will no doubt be worth it to some.

Buyers also get a 1-year membership to the company’s cloud storage service as part of the price which normally sells for $49.99. After a year, however, you’ll need to foot the bill for the cloud service if you wish to keep it.

Eyefi Mobi Pro is shipping as of writing.