Earlier this month during the One M9 unveiling, HTC America president Jason Mackenzie teased a further announcement that would set the device apart from its competition. Today we finally know what that is: the company is extending its cracked screen replacement program to now cover any damage free of charge for 12 months. If it breaks you get a new phone, no questions asked.

Dubbed Uh Oh Program, HTC says it has your back whether you accidentally crack the screen, drop it in the toilet or even if you just want to switch carriers. In any of these events all you need to do is call an 800 number, provide your phone’s IMEI number, and HTC will send a new unit overnight.

There are caveats, of course, but they are pretty reasonable. You can only use the program once and you need to ship your damaged unit back (HTC will also send a prepaid envelope), otherwise you’ll be charged for the new phone. That means if you simply lost your phone or dropped it off a bridge you’re out of luck.

Moreover, if you don’t use the program in the first 12 months, HTC will give you $100 toward the purchase of your next HTC phone. Sounds like a good deal.

“We want our customers to have the confidence to use their new HTC One and the peace of mind that HTC has your back if something unfortunate happens to it,” Mackenzie said in a press release. “While other smartphone companies look at uh-oh moments as a way to profit off of you, we are focused on adding value to owning an HTC One.”

The program is available in the U.S. only and will go live at the same time the new HTC One M9 goes on sale in the coming days. Last year's models will also be eligible if they are purchased on that date or later.