Twitter has updated its “quote tweet” function in a way that actually makes it useful. Instead of simply putting quotes around an original tweet when quoting it, the feature now embeds the original message. It may not sound like a big deal but it’s a simple fix that fans of the microblogging platform have been requesting for quite some time.

Under the old method, a quoted tweet would consume most – if not all – of the free character space. This meant that the person doing the quoting had very little room for their commentary. This method also made quoted tweets look sloppy and because they often didn’t include pictures, much of the context in the original message was lost.

With the update, quoters will now be able to add up to 116 characters of commentary to a quoted tweet. What’s more, media will also be preserved so the spirit of the original message won’t vanish.

The new tweet functionality is currently rolling out to web and iOS users. Those using Android devices should see the update in the near future.

It’s also worth noting that the functionality only works on the official Twitter app for iPhone. If you use a third-party app like Tweetbot, for example, don’t expect to see revised quote tweets anytime soon. The Next Web claims the company is working on adding it to its API for third-party use but that’s only a rumor at this hour.

More information on the function can be found on Twitter’s support page.