Well-known game designer and producer Koji "IGA" Igarashi is turning to Kickstarter to help fund his latest project, a gothic, exploration-focused action platformer featuring RPG and crafting elements called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Gamers will assume the role of Miriam, a cursed orphan whose skin is slowly crystallizing. The protagonist must traverse a demon-filled castle in search of an old friend suffering from the same ailment (but is in far worse shape).

IGA will serve as the project's leader while Michiru Yamane will be responsible for composing the music with Inti Creates leading development.

In an interesting twist, IGA is seeking to raise $500,000 from the Kickstarter - not so much to pay for development of the game itself but to demonstrate to potential investors that gamers are indeed still interested in this style of game and to fund stretch goals like physical copies of PC / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One discs.

In other words, the more money raised on Kickstarter, the more content - weapons, enemies, bosses and modes - will be added to the game.

A pledge of $28 will guarantee you a digital copy of the game while a $60 donation will ensure you get a physical copy of Bloodstained that includes exclusive backer-only content. As of writing, the campaign has already generated more than $300,000 in pledges - a figure that is climbing at a rapid rate with 32 days remaining.

If funding continues at this rate, Bloodstained could easily challenge for a spot among the most funded projects of all-time.