We recently reported on the growing numbers of people flocking to the internet using mobile devices. At the time, many believed it showed the early stages of desktop usage dropping off, but new data seems to suggest that may not be the case. While it is clear to anyone based on the data that mobile internet usage is skyrocketing, it doesn't look to be taking away from the hours people spend at home on the desktop.

According to data from well known analytics firm comScore, not only has desktop internet access remained quite stable over the past two years, but the growth of mobile may actually be contributing to home usage. Likely overshadowed by rapidly rising mobile numbers, it looks as though desktop has actually grown slightly as well.

Some experts suggest that the strong mobile growth is contributed to the unlocking of web time in the morning;s and evenings. In other words, people are just using the internet more often than ever before due to the additional on-the-go access points, not setting their desktops aside. Mobile is growing, but internet use as a whole is as well.

As more and more companies tailor their services to mobile users, this data should act as reminder that desktops aren't gone just yet.