Lenovo's VP of Design, David Hill, wants to create a new ThinkPad laptop that is heavily inspired by the old-school designs of popular ThinkPad laptops from the IBM era, stretching as far back as 1992.

This new ThinkPad laptop would embody "all the latest technology advances" while strongly embracing the original design details. This includes a classic seven-row keyboard featuring function keys, a blue enter key and dedicated volume controls; a display with an aspect ratio of 16:10; rubberized paint; loads of status LEDs; and the classic multi-colored ThinkPad logo.

Hill's post on the Lenovo blog mostly details the design concepts for the laptop, although he does mention that this retro ThinkPad would be around 18mm thin and include a hinge that allows the display to move a full 180-degrees.

This retro-styled ThinkPad is just a concept at this stage, though Hill would like to gauge the feedback of users and see if there's a potential market for a laptop like this. Naturally Lenovo would require "significant sales volumes to justify the development effort and tooling expense", but if you'd like to see something like this hit stores, head over to the Lenovo blog and leave your feedback.