A controversy involving third-party online games retailer Green Man Gaming has been brewing on Reddit over the past few days, prompting the retailer to now display the source of their game keys.

Earlier this week, the GameDeals sub-reddit announced that it was once again banning Green Man Gaming as they believed the retailer was selling unauthorized games. As evidence, the sub-reddit provided proof from Activision and Ubisoft indicating Green Man Gaming wasn't an authorized retailer.

In a bid to settle the controversy, Green Man Gaming published a response on its Facebook page stating that moving forward, all games available for purchase will list the source of the key and when the buyer can expect delivery of the key. The retailer notes that since they have over 5,000 titles to update, it may take a little time for their entire catalog to be updated.

A quick check of Green Man Gaming now reveals the source listed for many games although on some, it simply says "authorized distributor" which could mean anything. What's more, I'm not seeing a date showing when buyers can expect to receive keys. There's a "released" field but that's just the date the game launched. Maybe the expected delivery date is shown during checkout?

For what it's worth, the sub-reddit has confirmed that Green Man Gaming is authorized to sell titles from Bethesda, Electronic Arts, ArenaNET/NCSoft and Devolver Digital.

Have you ever purchased a game from Green Man Gaming? If so, we'd like to hear about your experience. Was it smooth sailing from purchase to delivery or did you run into any hiccups (like an invalid key, for example)? Let us know in the comments section below.