It looks like Amazon took over Black Friday. TechCrunch reports that an analytics firm kept track of the recent shopping mayhem, and Amazon accounted for over 35 percent of all Black Friday sales. In second-place is Best Buy with 8 percent, which almost sounds like a joke compared with Jeff Bezos' machine. Macy's came in third (3.38 percent) and Walmart came in fourth (3.35 percent).

Slice Intelligence, the analytics firm responsible for reporting these numbers, pulled data from their package tracking app to analyze Black Friday spending. So this does mean that the numbers are from people who use Slice, a sample of the population that might be more inclined to shop at Amazon, but even if that's true the numbers are still worth a look. Amazon published a press release that claimed Black Friday was a "record weekend for Amazon" and sales were three times what they were in 2014. So it appears Slice's numbers line up with what Amazon is saying.

Another way to measure Amazon's success is by the amount of hype they funneled into their website with promos (and even a pre-Black Friday "Prime Day" back in July.) It's a slightly less scientific method, but gets you the same answer: You can bet Amazon dominated Black Friday.

Image Credit: Shutterstock