A pair of Australians have launched an Indiegogo campaign for an automated marina rubbish collector dubbed Seabin. The device, which addresses the issue of ocean pollution on an introductory scale, is so deceptively simple yet ingenious that it makes you wonder why it hasn't been created until now.

Seabins are designed to be mounted to floating docks in marinas, ports and yacht clubs - controlled environments that aren't subjected to huge waves and ocean storms. They continuously suck in water, capturing contaminants like plastic, paper, fuel, oil and detergents in the process. When full, a marina employee simply lifts the perforated waste collection bag from the Seabin and empties it.

Besides helping the environment, its creators say the trash collected can serve as an education tool, reminding people of the consequences of pollution. Its use can also have a direct impact on our health as the fish we eat would be healthier if they weren't swimming in contaminated water.

Most crowdfunding campaigns coax donors with the promise of a shiny new gadget or other wares if successfully funded. Such is the case with Seabin although its $3,825 reward price will keep most at bay (no pun intended). That's alright, because this is one of those campaigns that you can feel good about contributing to even without a large reward (and there are some pretty neat gifts offered in the cheaper tiers).

The Seabin project is well on its way to becoming a reality as donors have pledged more than 90 percent of the $230,000 funding goal with 10 days remaining.