In a move that no consumer really wants, Apple will be ditching the headphone jack in the upcoming iPhone 7 to make the smartphone thinner, at least according to a report from Fast Company that corroborates previous rumors.

The report suggests that Apple will force consumers to use the company's proprietary Lightning jack to connect headphones, either through a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter, or by purchasing new headphones with a Lightning jack. The iPhone 7 also may not come with a pair of Lightning headphones in the box; instead, Apple will sell a pair of noise-cancelling, Lightning-equipped headphones separately.

To support the noise-cancelling headphones, Apple is reportedly working with one of its chip partners, Cirrus Logic, to bring the feature to the iPhone 7. The noise-cancelling system will be integrated into both the phone and headphones, and will also use technology from Wolfson Microelectronics.

Apple will also allegedly be making the iPhone 7 waterproof, which is a handy feature that's been included in some of the iPhone's Android competitors for years. The company may finally include wireless charging in the new iPhone as well, after toying with the idea for several generations.

As for battery life, it's not looking good, despite a previous report that suggested the Plus model's battery capacity would increase by 12 percent. According to the Fast Company report, Apple will be making the iPhone 7 "noticeably thinner", which will hamper the company's ability to add in a larger battery.

The iPhone 7 is still many months away, so the information from these reports may turn out not to be true, but it is looking increasingly likely that Apple is once again focusing on form factor above all.