Learning to code can be intimidating when you consider there's so much to learn. Even if you can get an app or website up and running, that doesn't necessarily mean you've got a clue how to do that for a dozen different platforms or devices.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro looking to get proficient with the shiny new stuff, it's worth letting the Complete 2016 Coder Bundle be your guide, and right now you can pay what you want to lock in all this up-to-the-second programmer training.

In this package, you'll get over 175 hours worth of training in 10 vital courses:

  • The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course - Build 15 Apps.
  • Running a Web Development Business - The Complete Guide.
  • The Non-Technical Person's Guide to Building Products & Apps.
  • Running a Mobile App Dev Business - The Complete Guide.
  • The Complete HTML & CSS Course - From Novice to Professional.
  • The Complete Web Developer - Become a Professional Developer.
  • Build 20 Apps - iOS & XCode 7 Guide.
  • Projects in AngularJS - Learn by Building 10 Projects.
  • Ruby Programming From Scratch - No Experience Required.
  • The Complete Android Marshmallow Tutorial - Make 30 Apps.

That's nearly $2,000 worth of coursework, and you determine your own price. Either pay any total to get part of the package; or beat the average price paid by other shoppers like you and receive the entire bundle.