Oculus VR on Tuesday announced the first batch of Oculus Ready PC bundles from hardware partners Asus, Alienware and Dell (the latter two are essentially one in the same as Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell but I digress).

Bundles will be available to pre-order starting February 16 at 8 am PST from Amazon, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store. Pricing starts at $1,499 which includes an Rift-capable computer and everything needed for the Rift (the headset itself, sensor, remote, an Xbox One controller and two games: EVE: Valkyrie Founder's Pack and Lucky's Tale).

Buying a bundle will result in a discount of between $100 and $200. Those that have already pre-ordered a standalone Rift will be able to purchase a discounted Oculus Ready PC by checking their order status and opting into partner offers. Discount codes will appear on order status pages on February 16.

Pre-orders will ship in limited quantities to select countries and regions starting in April (Best Buy lists a release date of April 23). Pre-orders for the standalone Rift opened on January 6 with the headset priced at $599, a bit more than most were anticipating. Those units are expected to ship to early adopters late next month.

For those that already have a Rift-capable machine, plan to build a new system or will be upgrading an existing computer, today's news is of little interest as Oculus announced recommended hardware specifications last May.