Sharing passwords typically isn't a good idea but hear me out on this one. Popular password manager 1Password has introduced a new family plan that allows up to five people to create their own personal accounts, share a group of passwords and more - all under one subscription.

1Password for Families builds on the company's Teams infrastructure and allows five people (or more, for an added fee) to have individual accounts. The subscription includes access to the latest, full versions of 1Password for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS and updates to the latest versions when they're released.

Subscribers also get 1GB of encrypted storage space for documents, data synching across all devices, an item history backup that allows users to recover passwords accidentally deleted within the last 30 days, the ability to reset accounts and more.

1Password for Families is priced at $5 per month for five people although additional members can join for $1 per month, per person. 1Password is offering a free one month trial; once that expires, you'll be asked to provide credit card information for billing moving forward (should you decide to keep it).

Those that sign up before March 21 will receive a $10 credit added to their account (essentially two additional months for free), twice the document storage (2GB) and the ability to invite two additional members to the plan at no extra charge (for a total of seven users).