Television manufacturers have been pushing ultra-high definition sets for years yet even still, 4K content remains quite scarce. Nevertheless, the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) will be filming and broadcasting a portion of the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in 8K super hi-vision resolution according to a recent report from Advanced Television.

Aside from the fact that you can count the number of consumer 8K-capable sets available for purchase today on one hand (there's just one - the Sharp LV-85001, an 85-inch monster priced north of $130,000), there's virtually zero 8K content to speak of.

That said, why is the OBS even bothering to record the Rio games in 8K content? One word: Japan.

The OBS plans to shoot around 130 hours of 8K footage including the opening and closing ceremonies as well as coverage of events like swimming, judo, basketball and football from an estimated 7,000 hours of total TV coverage.

The 8K footage will be aired in Japan only (that's the only place you can buy the aforementioned Sharp TV) as a trial run ahead of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo which the country wants to broadcast in 8K. By that time, super hi-vision sets will no doubt populate more living rooms than they do today.

Don't have an 8K set and don't live in Japan? Fret not as the OBS will also be broadcasting select events across virtual reality platforms which will also be made available online on-demand.

Lead image courtesy Getty Images, 8K image via Seattle Times